(1) True Black (0/0/0).
(2) Darkest color that my video capture can contain (2/2/2). If you don't see the difference between 1 and 2, don't feel bad. Even I can barely tell the difference on my Eizo with DVI connection.
(3) Brightest color that my video capture can contain (250/250/250).
(4) True White (255/255/255). If you can't tell the difference between 3 and 4, you need to adjust your monitor or maybe you need to buy a new one :p
(?) This site is destined to have a horrible looking banner, so I figured, I might as well make it useful.
(!) At least it's blessed by Chiyo-chan =^_^= (Don't steal my avatars!)

Welcome to Animephile!
Anime guide for, well, me.

If this happens to be useful to others, so be it.

I guess it's more like an inventory than a guide.

***DVD ratings have absolutely nothing to do with the story content***

This page is similar to Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide because, well, I got the idea from there.

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