Martian Successor Nadesico Chronicle 1

Created/Updated 2000-12-09

Animephile Rating: F (4.5)


Holy Crap! There is something WEIRD going on here! I cannot cell-match between R1 and R2 DVDs! Stay calm... Stay calm!!! Argh!!! What the!
Okay, first of all, first image of Ruri-chan shows slight rainbowing on her collar. Overall, the DVD is not bad at all.
NOW, the real KICKER! I could NOT match R1 and R2 cells. Timing wise, everything works out, but frame by frame comparison results in drastically different original cell animation! I'm NOT kidding! Look the the second picture. Left is ADV version, Right is StarChild version. They're of exact time of 4th episode! EVEN THE BACKGROUND CELLS DON'T MATCH! What the heck is going on here!!! Just LOOK at the highlights on Megumi-chan's hair!

UPDATE: Background cell does seem to match. It's just shifted.

I'm calm.... Yes, I'm calm....
Somebody explain this to me!!!
Oh, overall video quality comparison.... Other than the occasional feathering that happen at really bad times, ADV's release is sharper, has less rainbows, is more consistent, and has less artifacts overall. R2 has slightly better saturation. I would choose R1 over R2 for this series. YES, that's right! EXCEPT!!!!! The cells used in R2 look better with more emotional details. Argh! What's going on!!!
Oh, I managed to match cell frames in at least one section. My guess is that they would match most places. I might have gotten lucky with that particular scene that didn't match. (and it's the first one I picked, too!)


It turns out that it is fairly common practice for the producers to re-do some scenes of a TV series for video release. In this case, they re-did the scene I found. I would guess there are more scenes that are re-done. Japanese people are indeed picky. I like it! Newly done cells are more carefully drawn and are more artistic IMO. I've confirmed that the LD is the same as R2 DVD. It appears to be a common practice for Japanese producers to send U.S. companies old master. I can't blame them for the most part, but for Nadesico, they didn't do all that great of a job encoding the DVDs themselves, so I'm basically not happy with either side. Man, I AM picky! I really should pick up those LDs.... Anyway, THANKS to Studio Neko Han Ten for the information!


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