Battle Royale II, Requiem, Limited Special Edition

Created/Updated 2004-01-02

Animephile Rating: A+ (10.0)


Battle Royale II, just like the original movie, is not an anime. I'm just mentioning it so nobody gets confused. @_@

Note that disc 1 is DSSD02241, which is the same disc that is being sold by itself as the standard edition.

I thought I'd have a lot to say about this movie. In the end, I only have two things to say and one of it isn't even that serious.

First, don't make judgments about anything so easily and _never_ stop thinking for yourself.

Second, I understand that M1911A1 may not be a well known pistol outside of the U.S., but I still feel a little bitter about it not featuring in the movie. Yeah, it's a stupid personal gripe. AK-47s are truly legendary war machines, and I like how they were featured in the movie.

Okay, I have one more. I wasn't going to bother, but I realized that there are a lot of people who do not understand my rating system. Rating has absolutely nothing to do with the content. This movie sucks (I can't believe I'm using this crappy word) so badly, Fukasaku Sr. must be spinning at mad 12,000 RPM in his grave. So there.

There's no point in putting screen captures. It's not even an anime, anyway. So instead, here are some pictures of the extras that come with this limited edition box.

Image1: I'm surprised my shipment passed through the customs without an incident. It's a metal box with "CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS PROJECTILE BRII SURVIVAL PROGRAM" printed on it. Of course, there's nothing really dangerous in there, but still, it _is_ a metal box. It looks shiny and all, but it's not that sturdy. If you want a sturdy box, go pick up a military surplus ammo box. Now, those are sturdy. They're cheap, too. Anyway, the outer box has holes in it, as if they were bullet holes. Seriously, though, I don't think the military uses anything but the standard FMJ ammo, so they wouldn't leave holes like the ones on the box, unless it wasn't paper..., but it is paper. Hmm, cops do use jacketed hollow point....

Image2: Inside, we have a bracelet and a dog tag. The bracelet appears to be made with stainless steel. It's a hefty little piece. There's also a class photo and some stickers. DVD case 1 also comes with a sticker, which probably means that people who buy the regular edition will get a sticker, too, but it's not the same sticker as the one shown in the picture.

Image3: I realized there are other sites with pictures of the items, so I decided to one up on them. Here's a close-up of the bracelet.

Image4: And here's a close-up of the dog tag.

Image5: Interestingly, both the bracelet and the dog tag are engraved with an identical number. I think they're unique for each box set sold. Does anyone know for sure?


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